Tracking items sent to you by Gaskets-To-Go

Registered airmail and EMS packages

IMPORTANT: When tracking your package on the Thai site (see below) you will usually see that it left Thailand within a day or two of mailing. It will not show up on your own country's tracking site until your postal authorities accept the package and enter it into their tracking site. This can take a few days or as long as a week depending on country.

Tracking Packages:

Once items have been sent to you by registered airmail or EMS you will be sent a tracking number. You can enter that number into the Thai Mail Tracking Site

Once your package enters into the postal system in your country you should be able to track it on your country's postal system tracking site as well:

United States (USPS Tracking Page)

United Kingdom (Parcel Force Tracking Page)

Australia (Australia Post Tracking Site)

Canada Post Tracking Page

Shipping times:

Depending on your location, items sent by registered mail should arrive within 7-10 days (UK, Australia) and 10-14 days (USA, and some European countries).

EMS packages should arrive within 2-4 days (UK, Australia) and 3-6 days (USA).

Ocassionally packages may take longer. If you don't see  your package within 14 days (USA) or 12 days (UK, Australia) please contact us.


Packages sent by UPS can be tracked via the UPS Tracking Page