Scanning Gaskets for Use as Patterns

If your gasket will fit within your scanner window you can create an image that we can use to manufacture your gasket or provide you with a quotation, so there is no need to mail an old gasket or create drawings.

Backing your gasket with graph paper allows us to check for any distortion when we download and print out your scanned gasket for use as a pattern. You can place rulers on the scanner horizontally and vertically, but graph paper backing is best.

If your gasket is very dark and more than paper thin it might be a good idea to spray paint it yellow, gray, or some light color in order to be able to distinguish the gasket material from any shadows. For a good scan please follow the instructions below.

Sample Gasket Scan

How to create a good scan:

Step 1. If you have metric or inch graph paper you can use that, just be sure to let me know what size the squares are, e.g. 2mm or 0.25 in., etc. You can write that on the paper or just let me know in your message. If you have your own graph paper you can proceed to Step 2 now.

If you don't have graph paper available you can print your own. Just click on the Graph Paper image below to download and open a zipped Adobe pdf file containing a graph paper form with 0.25 inch squares, or 4 squares to one inch.

Once downloaded, print your paper using the 'Print Preview' command, but please read the following first: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: When you print the graph paper check the printer instruction window to make sure that the 'Shrink to Fit', 'Scale to Fit Media' or similar box is unchecked. If you don't do this your graph paper will print out in the wrong size because your printer will shrink it to fit the paper size you are using. Your printer instructions may appear differently, but should have a Print Preview function and a Scaling or Fit to Media instruction.

Note that the Scale to Fit Media box above is unchecked

Step 2. Once you have some graph paper, place your gasket on your scanner and then place the graph paper on top of the gasket.

Step 3. Scan your gasket at a scale of 100% so that the resulting image will be actual size (Instructions for your scanner may differ).

Step 4. Save your scan as a .jpg or .jpeg file type.

Step 5. Send your gaskets scan(s) to Gaskets-To-Go as an e-mail attachment. Be sure to include any relevant information on thickness required, bolt holt dimensions, etc., type of gasket you want, quantity, etc.

That's it! We can use your scan to come up with a quotation or to make your new gasket(s)!