Customer Comments

We will be happy to furnish the e-mail address and/or URL of previous Gaskets-To-Go® customers who have given us permission to do so. Please click here to send an e-mail message requesting reference information. Additional testimonials will be added from time to time.

Brian (USA)

"Very pleased with the quality of the gaskets--thanks so much."

Gary (USA)

"I fitted one to a head and they are perfect!"


Skip (USA) "The gaskets that I got were great. Good job!!!!"

Ron (USA) "I got the gaskets the other day, they look GREAT!"

Brian (USA) "They look great!"

Allen (USA) "Gaskets look terrific!"

David (USA) "These look great...hard to find anyone to make small batches of parts."

David (USA) "Fit perfect!"

Lee (Australia) "Gaskets are awesome"


David (USA) "Really ,nice"


Joshua (USA) "Great job"


Practical Machinist Forum (USA) "Very happy...quicker turn around than stateside vendors"


Jon (UK) "Absolutely perfect...More than pleased with your service."

Karri (Finland) "Great service...quality is impeccable"


Some comments from a Lister online forum:

"Only way to go...superior to OEM product...great guy to work with...excellent price...impressed with the work...craftmanship was perfection...would recommend them"

Holger (Germany) "Good job"

Josh (USA) "Great job"

Jason (USA) "Results are phenominal [sic], very quality piece...I'll never use anything else"

A screen cap of a review of one of our gaskets from a customer's Web site (click to visit the Web site):

John (Canada) "Great work and quick service. They are fantastic"


Ben (UK) "Best sealing gaskets I have ever had. Remarkable that it sealed with so low a hold down pressure and so big a bore and thump trying to break it. Absolutely brilliant"

Brian (USA) "Very satisfied with the quality of the cuts. Amazing!"

Ben (UK) "British Champ ran the motor (with your gaskets)...most powerful Sidecar engine he has ever ridden, he was 2.5 seconds faster than the world number 2 in qualification!!!!"

Mark (USA) "Looks good"

Ben (UK) "Look really good"

Robert (USA) "Items look first class"

Laurance (Australia-MLS Gaskets) "Working very good, no more headgasket problems"

Alan (USA) "Look FANTASTIC!!"

Colin (U.K.) "Looking very good...thanks for a first class service"

Henrique (Portugal) "Looks very well [sic]"

Dale (USA) "Fits good"

Ben (U.K.) "Utter amazement at your services"

Dyke (USA) "Find it to be excellent"

John (USA) "Gasket looks great"

Patrick (USA) "Your guys' customer service is spectacular"

Pete (USA) "They look and fit great"

Bob (USA) "Great job"

Henry (Australia) "As usual your products are perfect"

Dave (USA) "My customers LOVE the gaskets. I'm hearing they're better than the originals"

Henry (Australia) "I am impressed by your very good service and the quality of the gaskets"

Nik (Australia) "Very pleased with the quality. I will be recommending your services far and wide"

Lars (Germany) "They are really nice"

Fran (USA) "Look great"

Fred (USA) "They look good"


Ian (UK) "Super fast service - thank you... they are all great, well packed, no damage and exactly what we required"

Dominick (USA) "The appearance, quality, fit, and value could not be any better"

Ian (Australia) "I am really pleased"


George (USA) "Look very professional"

Michael (USA) "I was very pleased with the gaskets..will definitely order from you again"

Colin (UK) "Looking very good...first class service"

John (USA) "They look great!"

Ian (UK) "Very impressed. The quality is excellent and they are a perfect fit"

Craig (USA) "Look fine and fit well"

Bob (Australia) "All seems as it should be"

Gill (U.K.) "Look great and the boys in the workshop are well pleased and the quality seems excellent"

Nathan (USA) "They are working great. Thank you for your great service and price"

Howard (USA) "It reall looks great...great product and service"

Greg (Canada) "Gasket does look good"

Peter (Australia) "All the gaskets fit well and are much more accurately made than the gaskets I have purchased from other sources"

Tommy (USA) "Just what we needed"

Steve (USA): "Gaskets look very nice..Again, exceptional pre-sales service and you delivered what you promised"

Pat (USA) "Look great"

Gene (USA) "Gaskets fit perfectly...very pleased with them"

Bob (UK) "Look fine, very nicely presented"

Bob (UK): "I am impressed with the quality"

Avery (USA): "Looked great...we will be doing business with you in the future"


Doug (USA): "They really looked good"