Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Gaskets

What are they?

If you are running a high performance engine you probably already know that a multi-layer steel (MLS) head gasket is the only type of gasket likely to meet your engine's requirements. Multi-layer steel head gaskets are made from thin spring stainless steel sheets. The outer sheets are coated with a compound to improve sealing, and are embossed in critical areas. The sheets are held together on the perimeter by small brass rivets for installation.

How do they work?

MLS gaskets work by exerting an outward force due to their spring nature, so that they take up the slack when your engine's head moves up and down thousands of times per minute under load. Because they are made from spring stainless steel they are also much stronger than conventional composite head gaskets.

Will these work in my engine?

Properly installed, MLS gaskets are usually bullet-proof. Having said that, it is very important that your engine is prepared for an MLS gasket. You can find more information on this type of gasket here (pdf file):
Are these guaranteed to work?

Because this type of gasket is used for modified and/or high performance engines, we can only guarantee that they will fit your engine, based on the drawing, template, or gasket you supplied. This is in line with industry practice, due to the huge number of variables involved  that are beyond our control.

Why buy from Gaskets-To-Go?

If you can buy an MLS head gasket for your engine off-the-shelf from Cometic or any other MLS supplier you should go ahead and do that because it will probably be cheaper than an MLS head gasket we make for you. However, if you cannot find the MLS gasket you need  Gaskets-To-Go can help you.  We are probably the only supplier willing and able to make MLS gaskets in quantities of one or more without requiring any set-up or tooling charges, and at a price that won't require you to take out a home equity loan. If you want a custom MLS from one of the big suppliers you will be looking at tooling costs on the order of around $5000 and a mininum order requirement of 70 or more gaskets.

Please note that within an order for more than one gasket we can supply different bore sizes and gasket thicknesses at no extra charge.

How can I find out what it will cost?

To provide you with a firm quotation (good for 30 days) all we need is the following

1. An image of your gasket (a cell phone snap is sufficient)
2. Length x width dimensions
3. Thickness you require
4. Quantity you are interested in

We can usually provide you with a quotation within 24 hours.

Please note that there is an initial price break at 5 gaskets that is substantial, so if you can get together with your friends to order 5 or more you will save money.

What do you need from me in order to make an MLS head gasket?

To make your gasket we need a new or used gasket (this can be returned if requested), a template, or a drawing that we can print out 1:1 (full size).